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About Us

Founded in 1941, Charter Oak Figure Skating Club encourages and supports the figure skating community in North-central Connecticut. Based at the International Skating Center of CT, the club is open to all who enjoy skating. Our goal is to foster the love of skating by offering opportunities for education, athlete development, test sessions and performance in ice shows.

Upcoming Events

Test Session Schedule. (New and Updated)


ISCC, Simsbury, CT (NHL ice side)

May 21, 2022

1:00 PM  – WARM UP GROUP ONE (Gosselin, Schultz, Esch, Hennessey) – 6 MINUTES

Jeff Gosselin

50+ Adult Bronze Moves

Nancy Schultz

Adult Pre-Bronze Moves in the Field

Helena Esch

Pre-Preliminary Free Skate

Adda Hennessey

Junior Moves in the Field


1:40 PM  WARM UP GROUP TWO (Patel, Harden, Esch, Hennessey) – 6 MINUTES

Diya Patel

Pre-Juvenile Moves in the Field

Helena Esch

Juvenile Moves in the Field

John Michael Harden

Novice Free Skate

Helena Esch

Juvenile Moves in the Field

Adda Hennessey

Novice Free Skate


2:20 PM – ICE MAKE


2:30 PM WARM UP GROUP THREE  (Starr, Hauer, Patel) – 8 MINUTES 

Benjamin Starr    


Jenna Hauer

Solo Quick Step

Diya Patel

Solo Hickory Hoedown

Benjamin Starr  (Partner: Jenna Hauer)

Viennese Waltz

Jenna Hauer

Solo Viennese Waltz


3:05 PM WARM UP GROUP FOUR (Marquis, Starr, Hauer, Patel) – 6 MINUTES 

Dakota Marquis

Cha Cha

Ben Starr

Argentine Tango (Partner: Jenna Hauer)

Jenna Hauer 

Solo Argentine Tango

Diya Patel

Solo Willow Waltz



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The New Season Starts July 1…

Registration for opens June 1st.

We are now accepting membership renewals for Charter Oak Figure Skating, Inc.. If you plan to compete in July, remember to renew your membership prior to the registration deadline even if the deadline falls in June.

If you are new, welcome! To get started, click the link above and select “Apply for Membership” (All are welcome)

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Congratulations to our 2021 Get Up Champions

COFS would like to send a very special congratulations to this year’s 2021 Get Up Champions!

Paul Harden

Julia Romanelli

Benjamin Starr

Get Up Champions are nominated by their peers, coaches, fellow members or Board Members. The Skaters are selected annually, and have exhibited the following qualities earning their nomination- Overcoming adversities through positivity and determination, a willingness to help others and foster the love of skating, volunteering efforts, a strong work ethic and above all through compassion, humility and kindness.

Congratulations to all recipients, we are so very proud of your efforts!!

Charter Oak Figure Skating Test Session Schedule and Testing Information

Please find the schedule below for the test session. Please note the following updates:

The Town of Simsbury has issued a mask mandate so all skaters must wear a mask on the ice and in the common areas.

The Test Session will use the Olympic Ice Surface

Locker Room 5 will be used for the judges. Locker Room 1 is available for skaters to put on their skates.

Music files can be played via your phone. There is not a CD player at the rink. We have pre-loaded the dance test music.

May Test Session Registration Now Open

Charter Oak Figure Skating will offer a test session for Moves In the Field, Freestyle and Dance on Sunday, May 23, 2021 beginning at 1 pm.

Registration is now open via entryeeze:


Registration Deadline is May 16 at 11:59pm

COFSC members may access the test via their entry eeze membership tab to access priority pricing.

Non-members are invited to register by clicking on the non-member button on the top left.