2023-24 Charter Oak Figure Skating Board

Thank you for joining the Charter Oak Figure Skating! We are delighted to welcome everyone, from beginners to experienced skaters, proud parents, and those discovering figure skating for the first time. Our club is committed to cultivating a passion for ice skating and assisting skaters of all ages and abilities in fulfilling their aspirations. We look forward to creating a supportive and inspiring environment for everyone in our community. Let’s lace up our skates and embark on this incredible journey together! Welcome to our skating family.

Board Members

President: Natalie Santaguida
Vice President: Amy Lillis
Treasurer: Tom Vrissis
Secretary: Cheryl Croll
Board Members: Jennifer Evans, Robin Jaffee, Nick Messina, Cheryl Varvelli

Committees / Appointments

  • Membership Chair: Kendra Jones
  • Pro Liaison: Daniel Petrenko
  • SkateSafe: Robin Jaffee, Cheryl Croll
  • Test Chair: Jennifer Evans